BLOG 2018


Porsche Tonbridge are just over an hours drive from me, and on a cold,but dry Saturday afternoon I set off to the dealership to photograph the 718 Cayman...
Porsche made the controversial decision to end the 6 cylinder engine in their cayman and bolster models with the introduction of the 718, now 4 cylinder and turbocharged the loss of that characterful engine has the big advantage of more power, better economy and improved handling and refinement. A sports car is all about its driving first and foremost, and the 718 Cayman continues the tradition of the baby model in the range being one of the very best driving experiences out there.

The 718 Cayman starts from just under £43,000 with a bit of spec for just under £50,000 you will get a mid engined sports car that produces 300bhp, 0-60 in just under 5 seconds (with the amazing PDK box) and for me a driving experience like none other, the car just flows around country roads without any movement and sticks to the road carrying the power without any effort at all. If you think the car is expensive then spec up an Audi RS3 hatchback and it will top over £50k, the cayman has two boots being mid engined and with the exception of only having two seats it’s the best all in one package out there.

The car photo shoot took place just a few miles from Porsche Tonbridge at Hadlow Manor in the picturesque village. The car was finished in colour to sample, this is where you can specify the exact colour that you want the car to be finished in. This colour was a replica of the iconic Gulf livery that adorned the race cars of the 60’s, with orange side strips and bonnet stripes giving it a real racing pedigree. I had taken some interior shots at the dealership, Porsche keep the cockpit simple and clean and finished with the very best materials. Lighting for the car was with the smaller Profoto lights in the range, the hand held A1 and the B2, the lights were close to the vehicle and filled in the shadows cast by the gloss black wheels. It was also important to use the lights as I wanted the colour of the car to be spot on, being a pale blue it could easily be blown out so the flash lighting allowed complete control to maintain an accuracy to the paintwork.