BLOG 2018


Girlings solicitors have offices in Ashford, Canterbury and Herne Bay, Kent. Todays photography had been booked to cover a variety of scenarios showing their lawyers and staff at work in and around Ashford...
Girlings offices in Ashford are just on the edge of the town centre and a short walk from Ashford International Station, with it being a typical Winters day we made use of the weather and utilise some umbrellas for a profile image which will feature in the Lawful company newsletter. I also covered a couple of days photography towards the end of last year where we had access to the International station departure lounges, this showed a different backdrop and allows the company to have access to their own unique images rather then relying on stock imagery.

The additional images were taken in Ashford International Hotel, a really modern looking foyer area gave some vibrant backdrops for the Solicitors to engage, these will be sued across various platforms, online, print and leaflets that will be displayed in the Girlings offices across Kent.