BLOG 2017


This is the second time I have had the opportunity to photograph the Range Rover SVR this year, this time it was for Barretts Ashford Land Rover to promote their new demonstrator which is finished in spectral Racing red...
Special Vehicle Operations decided to enhance the 5 litre Range Rover with a tuned up to 550 bhp now, revised from the previous model output. The paint finish was the key to the photos today, as in a brochure it doesn’t show it to its full potential, with the early morning Autumn sunshine and the addition of the powerful Profoto B1 location flash I set off with Sam from Barretts Ashford Land Rover.

After some driving photos, using an F Type roadster as the lead vehicle we set off to some countryside settings, then as a contrast permission had been granted to use Ashford International Station as a backdrop. The colour can look a little flat in the shade, once the sun and lighting was on the paintwork though it really popped out and showed it’s true range of colours, the car has chrimaflair and a stain matte finish so it can look red, orange, pink, purple almost at the same time.