BLOG 2017


Autumn provides a great backdrop and with the sky and tones of the afternoon changing often it gives a different feel to portraits, this afternoon I covered a portrait portfolio for aspiring model Sam Cook...
Using the Canterbury Innovation Centre where I am based as a backdrop, inter ally and externally allowed for various lighting set ups. The Profoto B1 and B2 worked together to provide a mixture of lighting for model Sam, the other addition t the photos was a brand new Range Rover Velar, provided by Barretts Land Rover in Ashford. Sam brought with him a large collection of clothing, this worked really well and we could then use various suits/jackets in different situations.

The afternoon session flew by really quickly, with five different outfit changes this gave Sam a good variety for his portfolio. As I was using the Profoto location lighting very little post production was required, using a shallow depth of field made Sam the spotlight more, once the sky had become more prominent with some atmospheric cloud cover I then pushed the aperture to F11 upwards, moving the lights in closer to Sam allowed for some dramatic lighting.