BLOG 2017


Academic, Dr Ian Marsh, was photographed recently for an article to appear in the Canterbury Christ Church University magazine Inspire. The portraits took place at the main Canterbury campus in the town centre...
Doctor Ian Marsh is a Senior Lecturer in the department of Allied Health at Canterbury Christ Church University. He teaches mostly on the undergraduate Occupational Therapy programme, looking at issues around participation in relation to disability, mental health service users and people with learning disabilities. He is a very respected expert in his field and has books published on his area of expertise.

The brief for the portraits taking place at Canterbury Christ Church University were to cover portrait and landscape versions as these will be used on the website and also for the latest edition of Inspire magazine, their had to be space around Dr Marsh as text would be added, this could be a single page or over a double page spread, so the more options the designer has the better. I used the Nikon D4S, 85mm Sigma 1.4 Art lens and the Profoto B2 location flash for all of the photos, I hardly ever use flash now as the Profoto kit is portable and so much more varied with its light, it can be soft and mix with the ambient light or harsher and full of contrast for more atmospheric images, like the ones at the top which were taken in the lecture theatre.