BLOG 2017


Jaguar introduced the Special Vehicle Operations unit to the brand a few years ago now, the first branded vehicle to adorn the badge was the F Type 5 litre V8 supercharged sports car, a rare car that is now available as a used vehicle at Barretts Canterbury...
Special Vehicle Operations at Jaguar decided to take the hardcore and brutally fast F Type 5 litre and make it quicker, louder and even more agile. The result is a 575 PS V8 that will leave most supercars for dust, this example is a year old and with under 3,000 miles, all of the extras which include carbon ceramic brakes, forged satin black alloy wheels, and performance seats it really does stand out from the 911 crowd of Porsches. The ultra blue metallic paint also suits the F Type, a cloud that is unique to the model.

I was covering a series of standard car photos of the car for Barretts Jaguars website, it seemed an ideal time to capture some more artistic images as well, especially with some of the backdrops around the back of the dealership that is situated in the heart of the City. I used the 24-70mm 2.8 lens along with the D850, using the flip out LCD screen makes life so much easier when shooting low down. The mid afternoon Autumn light provided a nice warmth to the images and along with some detailed images to show the unique SVR branding their was a nice mix from the shoot, some that will be used on the Jaguar website. The car is up for £95,000 and as you'd expect for such little mileage in immaculate condition throughout.