BLOG 2017


BMW M performance cars have always been generally large coupe/saloon combinations, with the introduction of the "baby" M2 it has opened a whole new audience to the M brand...
The M2 car is for everyone, the 3 litre 6 cylinder turbo engine with its power and rear wheel drive set up is one for the purists and after driving it for a short time the car didn't disappoint. The car has professional navigation, full black leather interior, carbon fibre dashboard inserts and a quad exhaust system. The car is wider then the M240i which is still a great car, but the M badge has allowed BMW to produce a much rawer and track biased performance coupe.

The car I drove was the seven speed DCT gearbox, 0-60 in 4.2 seconds plus. Apparently the order books are 50/50. The car is a hoot to drive and some country lanes provided a good test for the car, its set up is firm but still very compliant which is a good news as our roads seem to be getting in a poorer state day by day. The price of the BMW M2 is just over £46,430 or £48,675 for the DCT seven speed auto. With the huge demand, sales of the larger and more powerful M4 are bound to increase. If you can afford to wait and purchase one of the best small performance cars that are on the market then you won't be disappointed.

Thank you to Broad Oak Ashford for the use of their M2 demonstrator which is available for test drives, if you are in the market and don't mind waiting then take a look at one of the cars of the year, and a future M Performance car for sure.