BLOG 2017


Summer finally arrived this weekend, and on Sunday with a dozen classic and modern sports cars the fifth photography course of the year took place at the historic Brooklands museum site. Six photographers attended to take automotive photos against some amazing backdrops, including Concorde and on the banking of the old circuit...
Cars, trucks spanning earph 50's to the modern super car era attended the car photography course at Brooklands museum, along with six photographers who included amateurs and professionals who were their to brush up on their photography and get a great set of portfolio images of the Chevys, Mustangs, Lamborghini and other cars that were in attendance.

Over the last few months the original start finish straight has been introduced and this gave an additional location for the car photographs, the old and new Porsche of the 356 and 911 looked great together among the hay bales and chevrons. On the day the photography course in Weybridge provided a collection of cars to photograph against some impressive backdrops, the cars are on their own and with no distractions my role is to give tips on composition, the use of available light and also arranging each car so that it stands out against the Various locations used at the museum. The strong harsh sunlight provided plenty of light against some rich blue skies, it did also cause problems with some of the lighter coloured cars, this was when some tips on positioning, exposure and angles helped out the attending photographers.