BLOG 2017


Shepherd Neame commissioned me to photograph at Gerald Wilton's studios just outside of Canterbury. The family run company has a reputation nationwide for producing authentic and accurate artwork for the pub industry, today they were working on oil paintings for some of the breweries more traditional pubs...
Established in 1968, Gerald Wilton Design can make any form of exterior signage or interior décor item that is not available ‘off the shelf’. For example, traditional hand sign writing, hand-painted pictorials, decorative wrought iron metalwork, interior bars, back bars, over bars, furniture, light fittings, mirrors, candle sconces etc. All items are uniquely manufactured to fit the theme of the individual premises. These can very often be retro interiors, Victoriana, Vintage, Art Deco, 1950s.

Drawing on the companies fifty years of experience, they consistently take the design and creation further. They can make a decorative wrought iron over bar finished in distressed, patinated, galvanised, copper, zinc or rusty iron finish. Sign writing is traditional and all created by hand, often with genuine gold leaf. They pay exceptionally close attention to detail and strive to offer an unparalleled quality of work.

The photography was to showcase the traditional painting and care and attention that Gerald Wilton produce, the images will be used in various Shepherd Neame publications. It was amazing to see the precision that goes in to producing these works of art, especially with the artists and the oil paintings, nice to see a traditional aspect in these times of computer generated imagery.