BLOG 2017


Lexus is best known for producing comfortable, reliable and understated cars. Back in 2012 it produced the LFA model, one of the greatest super cars ever built, and this was according to a Mr Clarkson as well. Since then the RC coupe has been introduced and a few weeks ago the LC was delivered to UK showrooms...
After a brief drive three weeeks ago I felt at home in the LC, a low slung driving position, super comfy sport seats, beautifully balanced steering and the styling, it looks superb and stands out from the pack due to its sharp creases and aggressive front grill. Today I had the car for the day, this model has the sports plus pack and under the bonnet is the 5 litre V8, no turbos just a traditional engine pushing out 480 BHP. The gearbox has ten speeds which are super quick, although with this engine shifting through the gears on the paddle shift feels more at home. The car is finished in sonic titanium which looks almost like a chrome finish with today's bright sunshine.

I wanted to use a modern backdrop and being on the doorstep of Kent University made for the perfect setting, especially anita the new business school building, some of its panels actually looked like the colour of the car. Inside was the ochre leather and alcantara, a tan combo that made the car feel a little more luxurious as opposed to the traditional black interior. The sports plus pack gives you dynamic rear steering, torsten limited slip differential, sports seats, carbon fibre roof and massive 21' forged alloy wheels, oh and a retractable rear spoiler. The LC also has another engine option in the 3.5 litre hybrid, still powerful but when a car looks this good the V8 for me is the only option, and at £76,595 starting price its great value compared to the competition which would easily start from six figures and not give you half of this spec as standard.

I love the car to drive, one minute it's a comfy GT car which would lap up a trip to the south of France in one hit and then in sport plus mode it's a well set up sports car, 0-60 in just over 4 seconds still makes it a very fast car, and you know that with Lexus well known build quality and reliability it will drive the same in years to come. When the sun is bright you need to use lighting to enhance areas that are either blown out or in shadow, the Profoto B1 and B2 together made the sharp lines and details stand out even more. The 24-70mm wide zoom isn't my usual lens of choice for car photography but today it stayed on the D4S.

Many thanks to Kent University for allowing me to use the buildings as backdrops and also to Ed and the team at Motorline Lexus in Canterbury where this car is available to view and test drive, surely the connoisseurs super car of choice.