BLOG 2017


After a brief introduction the fourth generation Type R hot hatch has been replaced by the fifth generation FK8 version, an all new car that is now spread to a worldwide marker. Manual six speed gear box, five doors and a healthy 316 BHP...
Honda used to be at the top for their V-Tec powered normally aspirated hot hatchbacks in the guise of the Civic Type-R, it produced all of its power high up the rev range and sounded amazing, at the time. Forward to 2017 and the fifth generation model is now turbo charged, produces 316 bhp and has the lap record for a front wheel drive around the infamous Nuremberg circuit in Germany. The previous model received accolades for its handling, gear box and speed but only on a closed circuit, on the road it was a bit of a handful as the power could not always be used due to torque steer, plus it was firm even in its comfort mode. The new version is an all new model and has been built around comfort, if you want to firm the car up you have a sport mode and then for track and the autobahn an R mode where everything tightens up.

The fourth and fifth generation models probably won't win any design awards as they are an acquired taste, big wheels, wide arches and a bolted on spoiler that looks like an aftermarket tuners had a field day. That said in a world of normality Honda has gone the other way and it looks like a touring car thats just left the circuit and is on its way home after a busy day in the touring car championships. This car to my mind is the best hot hatch out there at the moment, it beats the RS3, Golf R, BMW M140i and A45 AMG Merc hands down. The steering is perfect, the six speed manual gearbox (no auto option) is the best out there, so precise and being close to the steering wheel is perfectly placed. The seating position is lo and super comfy due to the figure hugging racing seats.

I always find cars like this great fun to photograph as they can be put in various locations and still stand out due to the looks and presence they command. I came across the location by chance and just used natural light on this occasion, 24-70mm lens and the 14-24mm wide zoom produced a mixture of detail and scenic photos of the Type-R against an urban and decaying backdrop.

This for me is the ultimate hot hatch, five seats, spacious boot and the fun factor of the turbocharged engine and racing set up. Forget about the looks and take a test drive at Barretts Honda in Canterbury now, more details by phoning the team on 01227 866266.