BLOG 2017


McBrides accountants based in Sidcup is the venue for a mini photography exhibition of some of my London photographs, taken over the last few years these images depict some iconic locations...
Three locations cover my photographic exhibition at McBrides accountants, St Paul's Cathedral at night time, Lloyd's of London's remembrance day and the London war memorial outside the Royal Exchange in the heart of the City. McBrides approached me as they were looking to start an exhibition covering local scenes from artists, its a real privilege to be the first person to have there work on display. The three images are framed and mounted by professional photographic lab Whitewall and are part of a limited edition of five for each image retailing at £250 each, please contact me if you are interested in purchasing one of the set, or indeed all three.

The photos are printed on Fuji crystal glossy photographic paper and finished off in a black oak frame, measuring 74 x 54m overall they are a unique view of London, the St Paul's and Lloyd's images were also finalist in the Professional Photography magazines 2014 travel and news sections respectively.

Tanya Hamilton, partner at McBrides and author of the scheme says: “We are excited by our new project and hope that clients, staff and visitors to the boardroom share our enthusiasm for the new artwork on show. It feels right to share the space with local artists, especially with the growth in the creative arts in the Bexley area and future plans to draw more creatives to the Borough.”