BLOG 2017


Continuing the Land Rover theme with my third LR car photography shoot in three weeks, this time a shiny 18 year old Defender for a private seller, an abandoned farm yard was the perfect location for this off road icon...
When a car that has been built for off road use, just gone over 100,000 miles and still looks this good you want to capture it in all its glory. The British Racing Green metallic Land Rover Defender 90 short wheel base TD5 looked right at home on an abandoned farm, fortunately the owner of the land had given us permission to use anywhere we wanted for the shoot, some derelict buildings gave access for the Defender to sit alongside cattle grids and other areas of the dairy farm. Once we had covered the static car photos Rob then drove through some of the farmland, although the weather hasn't been that great recently we did struggle to find some larger puddles, the one we did locate worked well for the panning images.

Although very overcast the sky added a dramatic edge to the wider scenic shots of the Defender, aided with just one Profoto B2 location flash. It was important to cover some general images of the car rather then just some dramatic photos, alongside these some close up detail shots were covered, although I was using the Sigma prime 50mm art lens its pretty good at focusing close and with a shallow depth of filed allowed for the background to be diffused.