BLOG 2017


This week has been full of automotive photography, covering used photos for specialist car dealers, auction houses and private collectors. I covered some photography for Hertfordshire based dealer Jeremy Nottingham of a white Porsche 911 GT3 Club Sport, a race prepped version of the standard 911...
Porsche have always designed the optimum sports car with a practical element to it, the club Sport GT3 has the addition of a roll cage so out go the two rear seats making this a track focused sports car. Finished in white the colour makes those large black alloys stand out even more, finally set off with the red brake callipers. Jeremy Nottingham car sales have the car up for £134,000, with just 10,000 miles the car is in superb condition, and as the market is at the moment due to the rarity commands a price tag well above its new car price. Most Porsches it is fair to say are now a very good investment.

The 911 Club Sport weighs in at 1430kg and has a top speed just shy of 200mph, 0-62 takes 3.5 seconds and the 3.8 six cylinder engine produces 468 bhp which is paired with the fantastic PDK seven speed gearbox.

On a bright sunny afternoon I shot mainly in the shade, the addition of the Profoto B2 location flash providing the fill in to highlight the black wheels, the forecourt and drive way area of Jeremy Nottingham's car sales in Hertfordshire provided a clean and neutral back drop to set the car off. A few final detail images were taken including the roll cage, the beauty of the compact B2 is that it can move inside the cabin with ease and hand held is very flexible.