BLOG 2017


A busy afternoons photography for CATS College which is based in Canterbury, the school has some of the best facilities in the UK for International students who are looking to improve on there language and other skills. The photography was to cover the graduation ceremonies at the Gulbenkian Theatre, University of Kent in Canterbury...
Thursday afternoon and just a short walk from the office to the Gulbenkian Theatre based at the University of Kent, this was a busy event photography shoot with just under two hundred certificates and prizes which were awarded by the Lord Mayor of Canterbury. Again musical and theatrical performances were all part of the afternoons entertainment.

CATS Canterbury is part of the Cambridge Education Group, the College has excelled this year with its best boarding initiative, this beat top British boarding schools across the UK. Her Majesty the Queen also honored CATS with the International Schools awards. The School continues to build upon this accolade with two new buildings being built in Canterbury, these are due for completion in the Summer.