BLOG 2017


Barretts Land Rover have an extensive range of options on there cars, the Autobiography range being the ultimate in luxury and refinement. One of there clients has purchased two Range Rovers specced to the hilt, and as a thank you Barretts asked me to photograph the two vehicles which were produced as artwork as metallic prints...
Range Rovers have always been the ultimate vehicle for me, a four wheel drive off road vehicle that has plenty of room with the most refined interiors around, these two Autobiography models also had individual paint finishes, called ultra metallics they have a matt effect finish to them and would need location lighting to set them off.

I only had an hour with the vehicles which was on the evening before the cars were being collected, the location was the car park at Barretts Land Rover in Canterbury, not the best setting but I had an idea to set them off and make them more bespoke. The lighting was courtesy of two Profoto lights, the B1 and B2's were used for all exterior and interior photos, adding a real depth and also showing off the ultra metallic paint finishes. Once the photos were edited I then asked a car magazine re-toucher to add the Canary Wharf background to one of the photos, this was a backdrop I had photographed on a recent DeLorean car photography shoot. The lighting was the same for both shoots, this allowed the re-toucher to blend the car in perfectly with the background and foreground. The two side profile images shown were then printed on to metallics that were produced by Whitewall who have a vast range of options for artwork and with the cars paintwork really set them off.