BLOG 2017


Each year the staff at Canterbury Christ Church University have a Summer garden party, this is an opportunity for the members across the campus to meet up and have a lunch and time off during a busy period before the students return to the University in a few months...
The weather was overcast with the threat of rain, but fortunately the afternoon stayed dry. An afternoon tea was the perfect opportunity for staff to have some time off, free food and refreshments whilst Vice Chancellor Professor Rama Thirunamachandran praised his staff across the University. The photographs will be used on the Christ Church website and also on social media and other marketing materials.

The 70-200mm telephoto zoom lens is perfect for documenting these events, when their are loads of people around you can move in and out of the crowds and capture people naturally, oblivious to the photographer. Rama also presented two certificates to local charities "Take Off" and "Catching Lives", funds were raised through the staff at the University for the charities.