BLOG 2017


Lexus will always be remembered for pioneering one of the very first hypercard, the LFA, well ahead of its time with design and engineering that only the Japanese could produce. Using the DNA and some design cues the RC coupe was introduced to continue the sports brand in to the range...
Lexus are always pushing the hybrid platform, the 300H is the model shown here, a 2 litre turbo model and a 5 litre V8 complete the range, but as you'd expect in terms of emissions and economy the hybrid is the best seller in the range. Powered by the pioneering Full Hybrid Drive powertrain, twinned with an E-CVT automatic transmission, the result is a sports coupé that delivers decisive power and exceptional response and agility. It's brimming with Intuitive Lexus equipment: Remote Touch Interface, Blind Spot Monitor and Pre-Crash Safety.

The car was developed on the Nürburgring, the world’s most demanding racetrack, this groundbreaking sports coupé features an extraordinarily rigid chassis and race- tuned suspension, I have to admit the CVT gearbox linked to the hybrid isn't a great set up for a car that looks like the RC. In terms of luxury and comfort the RC Coupe is one of the best out there, I had a 4 series BMW and the Lexus has the edge in terms of build quality, ride and a relaxed feel to the ride. I had the car for the weekend from Motorline in Canterbury and used some rural and modern settings for the car photography, the metallic red on the 300h really pops in the photos and makes the car look to me like a Japanese Mustang, it has some great design cues to it and I love the addition of the analogue clock in the central dashboard.