BLOG 2017


Broad Oak BMW commissioned my a few years ago to cover some artwork for their showroom and offices, with the range ever changing I had bee commissioned to cover some new car photography images to be displayed as large format acrylics...
Having covered quiet a few recent car photography shoots on the recent BMW models I had a good library of photos, I had been asked just to add a few extra colours across the range. Fortunately an orange wrapped i8 and a new demonstrator in an individual bright green metallic were on the forecourt, along with an Austin Yellow competition pack M4. The photographs had to be taken in an abstract style, this way they don't age at all and also look very bold, especially as large format 1 metre wide acrylic prints.

For all of the car imagery at the Canterbury BNW dealership I used the Profoto B2, being a 250 watt portable flash unit it allowed me a good range of lighting, and also with the addition of the honeycomb grid light shaping tools I could be precise with the light hitting the details on the car. The benefit as well with lighting is that you can oppose the sun and fill in the shaded areas that would otherwise be too dark, or overexposed.