BLOG 2017


Canterbury is one of the most photographed places in Kent, with plenty of history around the city and various monuments its a photographers paradise. I had been commissioned by a client to cover some more abstract imagery of the City for some photographic artwork which would be displayed in their offices...
Photographing Canterbury city centre seemed very strange, armed with a camera, 24-70mm lens I felt like a tourist. The last time I went around the town taking images was a long time ago, always nice to revisit landmarks which after a while you look at with a different perspective. I tried to locate classic landmarks but taking them from different viewpoints, their were still the classic river images and views of the Cathedral. My main focus though was to cover some abstract photographs of Canterbury, the artwork, statues and textures were at the forefront of my mind, as these would be large format framed prints they needed to be all of detail.

The weather was perfect, crisp blue skies, saturated greens and the sun was in the perfect spot for each of my main images, just casting a glow of light to each image. It was also nice to cover some new stock images of Canterbury which can be used for existing and new clients. The 24-70mm F2.8 lens was perfect as it covered all angles, some nicely tight cropped abstracts and then wider for some of the general cityscapes.