BLOG 2017


Honda have just released the new Civic, a five door hatchback that's the space inside of an executive saloon. The car is built in the UK and will be produced to a worldwide market, the design seems more American influenced to me with its large bumpers and would make sense due to the large interior space. The model I drove and photographed was the Sport model...
Honda have always been at the forefront of design and have made a bold statement with the new Civic, chunky, practical and plenty of space, the engine choice is varied but the option of a 1.0 VTEC engine seems an odd choice in such a large car, until you drive it that is! The 129 PS engine provides 180 Nm of torque and paired to the CVT gearbox has plenty of get top and go, the engine has a warmly sound to it and is a very refined place to be inside. The Type R model will be out in the Summer, with 316 PS and a revised chassis set up it could be the hot hatch performance car that topples the Golf R's crown.

I used a derelict cite in Canterbury with permission from Canterbury City Council, finding new locations for car photography is always a challenge and with the bright red paintwork of the Civic this venue worked perfectly to set the Civic Sport off. Lighting was a pair of Profoto B1 and B2's set up to bring some depth and detail to the car. After the initial exterior photos were covered I then took a few images at the University of Kent campus, the woodlands, daffodils and saturated green grass allowed the Civic to stand out, with a B1 Profoto light just adding some fill in light.