BLOG 2017


Volkswagen have always produced hot hatches, ever since the late 70's when the GTI changed the face of the family hatchback. Now the most favoured by the motoring press, the Golf R is the one for the competition to beat...
France seemed to be the obvious place to tie in a car shoot with some lunch, lovely sunny day, and with some running in miles on Al's Golf R the hot hatch was ready for a brisk trek down to Rouen and back. The Golf R in current guise produces 300 bhp, with four wheel drive and 5 doors along with its DSG gearbox it is probably all the car you would ever need. The standard figure now for hot hatches seems to start from 300 bhp upwards, i can remember when the Saxo VTS with 120bhp was spectacularly fast and agile, now the games changed and with Audi's RS3 producing just shy of 400 bhp modern hot hatch are producing super car performance, but with real world handling.

The trip down to Rouen was pleasant, lots of great scenery but no real spots to use as a location, we decided lunch was first on the agenda and then scout for some suitable car locations on our trip back. Etaples is a historic beach where many world war two graves are based, just up the road from here were some deep sand dunes which made for a subtle backdrop for the Golf R car photographs. Afterwards we headed to Calais, just a few outside of Boulogne was a derelict industrial site, broken glass, cool graffiti and plenty of space in which to shoot provided a good contrast of the clean white Golf against the abandoned buildings. Due to this being a social trip I only took the D810 and the 50mm Sigma Art lens, its a great lens to use for car shoots and with no distortion form the prime lens provides clean and sharp images, I was also just relying on the natural light this time, no Profoto location lighting today.