BLOG 2017


The location for todays photography assignment was at Medway Campus for the University of Kent. The web designers are currently working on a brand new site and require specific imagery for the top banners to highlight the campus, these were to highlight the social aspect of life at the University…
Medway campus was ablaze with sunshine and a large group of students that had volunteered to be involved in todays photography shoot at the Kent University campus. My brief was to shoot in a panoramic style as the images would be for the top banner of the website and also social media use, by leaving space at the top and bottom of the frame this gave the web designers flexibility with the overall design.

I used the Profoto location lighting on site, the B1 and B2 compliment each other with 500 and 250 watts power and gave an even mix to the main portrait images, also shooting at high speed sync allowed me to use a shallow depth of field with the lighting. For some of the other larger group images I used the modelling lights which gave enough fill in light and also aided focusing, lens wise I used the 24-70mm Nikon and 85mm 1.4 prime Sigma Art lens which is the default portrait lens for me now.