BLOG 2017


Another great iconic car to photograph during my car photography course at Brooklands Museum, from 1972 the Porsche Targa was a joy to photograph and is for sale at Brooklands car at £129,995...
Porsche produced the 2.4 S Targa with 190bhp at 6500rpm, the car had a top speed of 147mph. The car 2.4S was the most powerful classic long bonnet 911 produced and is now attracting a solid following, The car was photographed for Brooklands cars who are based at the top of test hill in the grounds of the infamous Museum.

This superb example benefits from a cosmetic respray in its original and very popular colour metallic Gemini Blue, it has the optional Recaro Sports seats and is certified with matching numbered engine and gearbox. Having been in private ownership in the UK since early 2015 and serviced by the main specialists for these classic Porsche models.. Prices of Targa's have risen steadily because the dynamic of ownership has changed to investment cars that can also be enjoyed and having languished behind the more aesthetically pleasing coupé, the focus is turning to the much more practical and enjoyable Targa. The 911 2.4S Targa is now categorised, understandably, as a true collectors vehicle helped, no doubt, by the news of the launch of the new Targa model from Porsche that incorporates its early stainless steel roll over hoop design. It won't be long before prices of the 2.4S Targa eclipse those of the coupé so this example represents an shrewd investment opportunity.

I had the pleasure of using this great example during my car photography course and afterwards spent a bit of time photographing the car in the surroundings of the museum, the Profoto lighting produced a great warm light to enhance the cars paintwork. The B2 is so portable and brilliant for the interior details as it is so flexible to use.