BLOG 2017


Kent university approached me a few months ago about being a guest lecturer on their digital photography course, I start at the end of this month covering a variety of areas and subjects to do with the world of photographs and its history...
This isn't the first time I have been a lecturer, six years ago I covered digital photography to first year students at Canterbury Christ Church University, the nice thing is I am still in touch with some of my students from back then who are making a living out of photography. The course I am involved with covers the use of cameras and lenses, lighting techniques, composition and a variety of themes.

the themes I am lecturing on include people, landscapes, still life, architecture, nature, sport and other areas. Looking forward to starting the course which will be run over a couple of days each week to two different groups, with some practical, lecturing and guest speakers it will take my teaching in the field to a more academic environment.