BLOG 2017


Italian car manufacturer Alfa Romeo released towards the end of last year one of the most important cars in decades for this historic brand, the saloon Giulia which will be taking on the most competitive sector in the automotive market, the mid sized saloon...
Northgate Alfa Romeo supplied the Giulia Super model, a 180 bhp 2.2 diesel model, not the Quadrifoglio which looked stunning sitting in the showroom, all 510 bhp from the Ferrari tuned 3 litre engine. Nevertheless on a mild winters afternoon sitting in the car wasn't a bad place to be, plenty of room and a flowing dashboard created the sense of space and refinement, also a mention for the quality of the materials inside, a real step up for Alfa which now has a great range of cars, the mito in the hatchback sector, the 4c for a full on sports car experience, the Giulietta for the mid size hatch and with the Stelvio four wheel drive being released soon the Italian brand has a very solid place in the U.K market.

I found the Giulia to be a good all rounder, plenty of space including a deep boot, plus a very comprise, even in the dynamic mode which stiffens the suspension and makes the gear changes a bit more aggressive. The 2.2 Diesel engine is refunded and has great mid range torque and feels effortless on dual carriageway and around country lanes, the handling gives an idea of what the Quadrifoglio will be like with a fully tuned classic and almost treble the power.

In terms of location the photos were taken in East Kent, using Sandwich and Manston as the primary settings. Lighting was as usual taken care of by the Profoto B1, adding just a little fill in light on the alloys and also creating the dramatic skies by under exposing the manual settings on the camera. I covered a few interior detail photos with the 105mm macro Nikon 2.8 lens, a really lovely lens for these type of images and as sharp as any other lens I have. Hoping that in the not too distant future the Quadrofoglio will be available for a shoot. Thanks to Northgate Alfa for the loan of the car.