BLOG 2021


This 50 year old Range Rover has a 3.5 Litre V8, with its iconic box shape this car is the first iteration of Range Rovers. Finished in original Sahara Dust along with Tan interior, a very popular spec back when the Range Rover first came out. .

Quoted as 'the all-together car', the Range Rover presented a versatile go-anywhere estate; excellent performance, good road handling, and ride, outstanding traction; comfortable and well-equipped vehicle. Priced at £2000, its a far cry from the new Range Rover we had alongside that in its original spec would have topped the £100k mark! Fair to say that luxury has come along way in 50 years, but the original has a certain charm and retails not far off of the 63 plate modern version we have here, retro is in and people will pay big bucks now to hark back to the cars they grew up with, and this old Rangie still looks so cool.

This was the last photo shoot using the Nikon D5 and D850 which have been ever present over the years, the next step is with the Nikon Z range of camera, mirrorless, lighter and with some new glassware i'm keen to see if it's a step in the right direction. Keep an eye on the blog as next weeks going to be a busy one and great test for the new gear.