BLOG 2021


RGVA have just announced the completion of the 2020/21 Domino’s Pizza UK & Ireland Ltd fleet branding roll out. They have now installed new branding to over 100 vehicles for Domino’s with their new style branding, the artwork consists of 5 different classy designs that still have Domino’s quirky and fun content that makes you smile! Not to mention some mouth-watering pizza imagery! The vehicles range from Mercedes-Benz Trucks UK Ltd and IVECO fridge vans all the way up to 11m Urban trailers... including 25 DAF Trucks UK Tractor units that took approximately 70 man hours each, to complete! All these vehicles began their lives with white paint and RGVA’s skilled team of installers have transformed them into what they are today. The dark background could be confused with plain black from a distance but upon closer inspection and especially in the sun, you can see they are all digitally printed slate to give an authentic backdrop to the pizzas.

The photography took place on Sunday morning, weather was perfect but the window to shoot these large trailers was small as the compound is constantly busy, especially so during the last twelve months where take aways have been the only choice for most households. I used a trio of Profoto lights just to add some light to the wheels of the trucks, and also to highlight the slate graphic on the wraps with some close up photos.