BLOG 2021


Last Summer I photographed a pair of Ford Focus for Fast Ford magazine, friends Neil and Stephen had MK2 and MK3 editions which were far from standard...
After sourcing Neil's car on facebook he mentioned that his friend had a MK3 Focus RS and would the magazine be interested in a twin shoot, after submitting the idea to the editor and getting the green light we set up a car photo shoot. I'm based in Kent so the trek to Norfolk was made worthwhile as I could link this in with a modified Fiesta ST on the way back later in the day.

Locations are always difficult to source, so I left it to Neil to advise on a good spot. The location was at parallel with the sea and at the back of a large set of factories, on a Sunday there was no traffic and we had a large expanse of road to ourselves. It worked out well for single shots of the cars and also a variety of the pair together. In the months that have gone by I know Neil has modified his Focus even more so will be interesting to catch up with him in the Summer at a car show and do a return shoot.

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