BLOG 2021


Back in 2005 when I set the photography business up I owned a 2001 Puma 1.7, a coupe that was compact, agile and had limited space for rear occupants and a tiny boot, I had it for just under a year as it didn't quiet work as a photographers daily, but it was a lot of fun. Move on fifteen years and the new Puma is a crossover model, still based on the Fiesta platform but in a much roomier and versatile vehicle. Plus its up on power by around 80bhp!

In Mean Green metallic the ST looks stunning, Ford haven't just slapped the ST badge on this either, over the standard car it has the 1.5 litre turbo unit fitted in the Fiesta ST and torque is up to 236Ib ft, this is to accommodate for its extra 96kg over its little brother. Alongside this they have improved the dampers, steering, brake discs and you can even option the performance pack which will add launch control! You can note that this isn't just an engine upgrade as the cars fitted with the super sticky Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres, and Recaro seats in the front give you that extra grip and comfort when your driving along those sweeping B roads.

Of course given the choice the Fiesta ST or Focus ST (similar money) would be the best options, low down centre of gravity and in the larger hatch plenty more power. But if you have a family or need a vehicle that will swallow luggage then the Puma is the better option, and take it from me it isn't at the sacrifice of fun. This car has plenty of power and the handling is excellent, in fact this car comes alive when you start to push it harder, especially in sport mode where the steering firms up and the engine becomes more vocal. The car starts at £28,495 and with the mean green paintwork and performance pack you're looking at £30,000 which for a car that is a load lugger, has 200bhp on tap and looks stunning in this exclusive colour you've got all the car you could ever need.

I had the Puma ST for the day and was kindly loaned by Haynes of Maidstone, the car only had a few miles on it as it was new registered so would be interesting to see what its like in a few thousand miles but i'm impressed, the car is compact in terms ope parking and its agile enough that you can still have fun, styling wise it looks good from every angle, mean green is not to everyones taste but with those 19" cross spoke alloys it looks superb and from a photography point of view the colours great.