BLOG 2020


I had the chance to drive the Alpine 110 and S models last year at Thruxton motor circuit and was so impressed with this lightweight coupe, the performance, balance and handling of the car was exceptional. Through Alpine Orpington I borrowed their demonstrator which was the track focused 110s model which had the Thunder grey matt finish, 18" GT race wheels and orange Brembo callipers. The car sits lower has more power and has been adapted more for the track day enthusiast. After having the car for the day it does feel a tad firmer than the standard pure model on the road, but still comfortable and compliant, even on our B road surfaces. It also has a more race orientated exhaust note, great on downshifts using the 8 speed paddle shift auto gear box. A lot of people have moaned about the lack of manual option but for me this set up wrks really well with the car and gear changes are quick and precise, plus you have the beauty of the automatic option for the daily commute.

As this was more about driving the carcinogenic packed light and just had the Nikon D850 and Sigma 50mm Art prime lens to take some photos during my drive, the market town of Sandwich in kent is a nice spot to get some photos of the car with some varied backdrops and showcasing the Thunder Grey paintwork, the matt finish does grow on you and adds to the sporting character of the 110s.

As the day came to a close I reluctantly handed over the key to Gavin at Alpine Orpington, this really is a special car and fair to say that a lot of owners have this as a second or even third car. Could you live with it every day? I think you could, storage in front and back is good considering the cars diminutive dimensions and if you look at the Legende GT you get a softer ride and a more premium based interior, plus it os limited to only 400 units.