BLOG 2020


I met Mini owner Mike at a Quadriga car club breakfast meet at Lydden Hill race circuit, i've photographed a lot of classic, super cars and unusual vehicles but this "Mad Max" style apocalyptic classic is certainly one of the most unusual and photogenic cars i've covered.

The key with the Mini in its current guise was to find a suitable location, one where the car wouldn't look out of place and had the feel of a film set. I have been working with MMS 360 who cover drone video and photography and through a client we ended up in a chalk pit quarry, Mike's black carbon fibre and matt painted car looked the part, it also popped out of the setting with the addition of a trio of Profoto lights, showing off the work that has been put in to create this one off Mini.

Mike has added an MGF 1.8 engine in it, a turbo and a lot of bespoke parts which creates a 300bhp monster, when he was driving across the quarry it looked like a scene from the opening of the last Mad Max film, epic stuff. The full set of photographs will appear in an issue of Mini magazine very soon, i' pretty sure that I won't come across anything like this again, until that is Mike's Aston martin project takes place! Watch this space.