BLOG 2020


I last photographed the 1M back in 2011, a lot has happened since then but values of the limited edition 1M have soared for low mileage examples making this a true future classic. The Valencia Orange metallic still looks fresh and against the clean backdrop at the Saddlebow raceway in King's Lynn against the blue sky it looked superb.

James has added some additions to the 1M as it his used for the occasional track day and the power is top by twenty per cent over the standard 335 bhp, the upgraded exhaust system also adds to the character of this muscular 1 series coupe. The photos will appear in BMW car magazine in the not too distant future, so as usual covering various angle so the car and interior features add to the spread for the photo editor to have flexibility with text and insets.

The shoot finished up with some panning images of the 1M in action along some B roads in the countryside, good thing with Norfolk is that everywhere is flat and open so the photos came out clear and clean. The day wasn't over as we then photographed James' second BMW, an M3 Evo, more on this at a later date.