BLOG 2020


The one thing that was different to last week was the weather, from mid twenties with cloud cover to mid thirties and pure blue skies, which made for temperatures on the drag strip reach fifty degrees and a hot and sticky surface and also a hot and sweaty photographer! The heat was intense not just for me but the drivers on the strip, but i'd rather have this then a cold and damp set up. Again great to see some new and familiar faces in attendance and the first official MOCGB club meet. It was nice to also have other American cars along for the day, Hell Cats, Camaros, Chevy's, even a Tesla Model 3 Performance was there which was as you'd expect one of the fastest cars on the strip.

The photography this time was for Fast Ford's event page and one of the first large events to take place this year alongside last weeks Simply Mustangs UK day. Alongside the documenting of the day I took some mini profile features which incorporated a classic, SN95 and an RTR S550 to run alongside the show report. The majority of photos were taken with the 70-200mm with a few on the 14-24mm to give a wider viewpoint of the cars on the drag strip.I managed seven runs during the day and will probably come back with a smaller group in the Autumn, it really is an adrenaline rush and loads of fun. Look forward to seeing the photos and article in an edition of Fast Ford very soon.