BLOG 2020


The G6 was devised by Gartrac as a road going spin off to the successful G3 & G4 rally & rally cross cars. Most of the cars produced were rear wheel drive with a 2.8 V6 engine and a Capri / Atlas rear axle. The bodyshell was very similar to the rally car - the only real difference was the road car did not have four link suspension, it ran with an anti tramp bar set up.

Three cars were produced with 4WD; this employed the running gear, engine and gearbox from a 4x4 Sierra. Gartrac did also produce a few cabriolet versions. Around thirty G6's were produced in total, although many copies were produced around this period.

Owner Jason's Escort was in immaculate condition and with a perfect Sunday morning's the sun was high in the sky with deep blue skies, the car photography took place in the county of Surrey and we used two locations, the business park worked really well with the pure white paintwork of the classic Ford.