BLOG 2020


Clint and his brother share a passion for classic Mini's and there two cars couldn't be any more different, a white GT saloon and a blue "Smurf" 1980's estate. The two cars are immaculate and against an azure blue sky with some mottled clouds looked great against the impressive grounds at London Golf club. The brief was to capture single images of each car and then a mix of landscape and portrait photos of the two cars, these make it easier for the photo editor of Mini magazine to use text around the cars for single and double page spreads.

The bonus of the classic Mini is that its compact size allows you to use subtle lighting to great effect, using a snoot attachment on one of the lights allowed for me to be precise and light up the small alloy wheels and chrome highlights. Great to be back in the world of car photography after a 3 month break and with commercial work on hold at the moment making the most of the great weather and list of ongoing shoots coming upon for a number of car magazines.