BLOG 2020


Since 2005 when I started my photography business my ambition was to be a full time car photographer, magazines, events, dealerships, motorsport the list goes on. I slowly realised that it was not going to be a full time job if I just kept to a niche so the commercial photography business was set up with some car shoots on the side, roll on 15 years and half of my photography is now car related...
Getting in to the car photography magazine market is hard work, its taken me the best part of twelve years and now I cover work for publications that include BMW Car, Fast Ford, Mini, Performance Mini, Street Machine and as of today my first commission for Mercedes Enthusiast magazine.

Like anything is life the publications want to see previously published work, regardless of your clients and experience. Once you get your foot in the door with one then you start to get some external links and connections to other magazine marques, plus I do write some of the articles which gives you an edge. I am a regular contributor to Fast Ford due to ownership of the Mustang, this is featured as part of the magazines Fast Fleet and is a diary of the cars progress and events that I have attended on a monthly basis, good exposure plus it works really well linking in with suppliers of parts and products.

I always remember when I started out seeing my photography in the pages of the Kent Messenger, now they are on the front of a variety of car magazines is a real buzz and looking forward to continuing the relationships with editors, owners and suppliers.

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