BLOG 2020


Whenever I photograph a car it always has to be immaculate, so i'll always have some car detailing products in the boot, but on this occasion with Barretts Land Rover's box fresh demo I didn't need to bother. I did ask the question"Can I get it dirty?", to which the answer was of course, thats what there designed to do get dirty and go off road. So off I went to a farmyard where the owner had granted permission for me to use the location for the photographs of the gleaming pearlescent white Evoque. I spent about 15 minutes just driving it around the year, through puddles, getting some wheelsman to flick the mud up over the sills and arches as I wanted to show the car had been in unusual territory for a SUV, it's always commented that the most off road these type of cars get is on the pavement when the kids are being picked up from school!

I did in the process get muddy along with my footwear and lighting stands, but it was worth it, using the 14-24mm lens I created some wider images showing the dirt tracks and landscape, along with the Profoto lighting set up this made the white RR really stand out against the barren backdrop. Itching now to get out and do some fresh car photography shoots, but in the mean time will post another archive shoot again next week.