BLOG 2020


Following on from the ZZ Top and St Paul's Cathedral limited edition framed prints I have Alpine View available, a real one from the archives as this was taken over ten years ago...
An initiative has been set up for #artistsupportpledge selling work up to £200 and each time I reach 1k I buy another artist's work. Alpine View is presented in an A4 black ash frame and mounted, printed on Kodak Endure pro paper priced at £150 (incl.P&P UK) please contact me for further details limited to five pieces worldwide.

This image was actually taken in Herne, Canterbury at the Wildwood Trust where they have a large selection of animals and birds on display. The early m morning sun started to come through the Alpine trees and created a really atmospheric setting. A lot of people ave commented in the past that they thought that it had been taken in South America certainly not in East Kent!