BLOG 2020


One of the questions i'm often asked is about aperture and what settings to use:

4. Depth of Field
Also, remember that if you want foreground and background equally sharp, increase the aperture's f-stop to higher values—between, say, f/11 to f/20—while adjusting the exposure to compensate for the increasingly dark image. Also adjusting the ISO will bring in more ambient light and bring more detail in the shadow areas, be careful not too push to high as you will bring noise in to the image, not too much of an issue for instagram but if you wan to send it in to Round Up or have it printed its best to use a tripod for a longer exposure and decrease the ISO to its lowest level.

5. Keep it clean
One of the biggest tips isn’t about taking photos but having a few microfibre cloths and a detailing spray with you, just in case you get some spaces of water/dust on the car. Its also invaluable for those close up photos as the quality of Digital SLR’s these days will show up everything!

6. All about the details
Interiors are a vital part of a photography shoot, this is often overlooked as the exterior fo the car is the part that most people think we want to see. Mustangs come in all shapes and sizes and sometime s mint classic leather interior with wooden rim steering wheels can be just as intoxicating to view as the outside of the car. You will also see loads of details when you get close up as well that just adds to a complete set for your portfolio.

7. Portraiture
We all tend to look at the shape of a car and shoot horizontally, perfect most of the time, but for backdrops on our mobiles, instagram and magazine covers tilt the camera to take a portrait image, if there’s a great sky as well to be had this can make the image even more striking.