BLOG 2020


I've just written a guide to photographing cars for the Mustang Owners Club GB magazine, and thought i'd share that article over the next three days, hopefully these tips and photos will give you some inspiration and ideas. Even if the cars on your driveway you can still put some of these tips in to action, and once we start to have some relief on the lockdown you will have some ideas of settings to take your car, feel free to tag me in on instagram @jasondoddphotos

1. Lighting: One of the most fundamentals of any photography is using the light, whether natural, or with a lot of my car editorial shoots for magazines artificial light. You want to use the available light to really enhance the metallic of the car, if shooting in to the light or on a dull day the car will just look flat and almost a silhouette, this can work in some cases but ideally use the light as your inspiration and get it behind you so it makes that freshly detailed car to life.

2. Posture: Most people will walk up to car and take a snap, use your feet to move around the car, go close, move further away so the car doesn’t necessarily fill the frame, and if your legs will allow it crouch down for a low and more dynamic angle.

3. Location, location, location: Always put some thought as to where you are going to place the car, this will give you an idea in advance where the best light will be and also if you need to gain permission, in my experience most people love the American classic so won’t object to having a nice photo of there venue posted on social media with a mention. If your stuck then industrial estates at weekends can be a good backdrop, there usually quiet and a metallic shutter makes a neutral backdrop.