BLOG 2020


Over the fifteen years of being a professional photographer the one area that is always consistent has been commercial photography, and predominantly interior and exterior photography. I wanted to promote the interior photography on this post as it covers such a wealth of areas and properties.

The interiors cover from top to bottom, recycling of plasterboard for Countrystyle recycling group at Rodham Docks, then Logan House, a three floor building that was completed three years ago in the heart of Canterbury. Third down is the 700 hundred year old Fishmonger's Hall where they hold conferences and events, and lastly the most popular type of photography in this sector, properties. This image was taken for Lenley's furniture company where we had an interior designer set top different room scenarios for the companies website and marketing materials.

If you have buildings that require interior or exterior photography please contact me, now could be the ideal time to capture these for new marketing materials and online promotions.