BLOG 2020


The fashion photography workshop took place in an abandoned house in Greenwich, it is hired out to TV and film companies and has been used for past episodes of BBC's Luther and also the Daniel Craig film "Layer Cake". Along with a dozen other Canon professional photographers we were showed different types of lighting and with two professional models allowed to set up our own poses for portfolio use. I've worked with many models before and since, these images have stayed a main part of my portfolio though as they work well for training sessions and also when working with new models to give them an idea for poses.

The actual property we used was perfect as it was run down and had loads of different types of backdrops, the favourite being the distressed mirror and a large grand piano as well, not something you expect to see in this style of property.

It was actually the following month when I changed over to Nikon photography equipment, long story but I had a few problems with a recent purchase of a 1DX DSLR and I felt that after using Canon's for the best part of 30 years a change was needed, so this fashion shoot was one of the very last where I used the Canon gear.