BLOG 2020


Two Summer's back to back and I had been commissioned to cover the Full Monte charity road trips down to Monte Carlo, the first year 2010, I rode alongside Rob in his Porsche 911, second year along with journey pal Al we took my BMW 320d, not a super car but it did lap up the miles and worked well for some car to car photos. The two trips work in a handful of Countries, including Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. Over the years the charity has raised tens of thousands of pounds for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

I'm not going to lie, it was great fun and staying at some of the finest hotels in Europe and eating Michelin starred food made it an amazing time. The photographs were at then end of the trips made t to a coffee table book that the drivers had as a record of there time in Europe, photograph wise it was a busy schedule as I had to cover all of the people who attended socialising, the venues and of course the cars. Highlight had to be driving along the Furka Pass in Switzerland and following the BMW Z8, now a truly recognised car and values have flown in recent years.

We took in some amazing landmarks along the way, drives around the world famous Nurburgring, visiting BMW's museum, having lunch in Eze, a medieval village that sits on the Mediterranean Ocean with stunning views. And of course the last stop in Monaco and seeing the sites and sounds (of the engines) around Casino Square, if you like people watching this is the place to visit. En route back to the UK we took a diversion to Ventoux and done a lap of the iconic route that is part of the Tour De France.

Since these trips I have covered commercial photography commissions from many of the attendees and still continue to do so, these include aviation, property and the odd wedding here and there. As i'm sure we all are waiting to get back in our cars and visit some of those amazing European roads these photos will hopefully whet the appetite.