BLOG 2020


The BMW E30 is the second generation of BMW 3 Series, which was produced from 1982-1994 and replaced the E21 3 Series.

The model range included coupé and convertible body styles, as well as being the first 3 Series to be produced in sedan and estate body styles. It was powered by four-cylinder petrol, six-cylinder petrol and six-cylinder diesel engines, the latter a first for the 3 Series. The E30 325i photographed for BMW Car magazine owned by Tahmid was the example photographed today and looked absolutely stunning, one of the cleanest cars of its age I have seen for a long time. Te location was Lydden Hill and the static car photgraphy shoot took place on a cold and overcast day, perfect conditions for the Profoto lighting to enhance the classic lines of the BMW.

This example had the characterful six cylinder engine and produces 168bhp, I got the chance to drive it and it felt direct with the steering and comfortable to boot, none of this M derived suspension set up that you get in the modern cars just a seriously good all round saloon car, which in its day packed a lot of power in a lightweight shell.

In addition to the BMW another car owned by Tahmid and his father came alongside, the rare Mercedes 190 powered by a Cosworth engine, the pair together looked great and for me it showed that BMW had the edge over Mercedes back in the 80's as the Mercedes looks an older car now and hasn't aged as well. The full photoshoot will appear in a future edition of BMW Car magazine.