BLOG 2020


Like all good things the Quadriga cars and coffee meet was put together over a cup of coffee with fellow petrol head Shaun Hopper, all we needed was a venue, loads of petrol heads and fresh coffee. Shaun's connection with Lydden Hill race circuit in Kent was the location and with his company Quadriga car having following on social media we had the basis for our first meet of the year...
Quadriga car club was set up by Shaun a coupe of years ago, he builds cars and also owns a Mustang, a stunning Eleanor creation with a supercharger poking out of the bonnet! He also has an Ultima GTR, you might have seen a shoot i done on the car in a previous post, so he knows his cars, classics and modern derivatives. Lydden Hill race circuit will be transformed over the next few years with the owners investing millions in to its development, so the timing was perfect for a new breakfast club meet and introducing Quadriga cars and the circuit to car and bike enthusiasts.

I'm lucky to own a new Ford Mustang, it epitomises for me what a car means with the characterful V8 engine, its stance and also over all looks. I'm in a few groups nationwide and the Kent Mustang owners came out in force to attend the meeting, we then had an eclectic mix of cars from a 1940's Austin to Cobra replicas and then a Mercedes GTR plus some beautiful classics from the last 40 years. The clubs plans are to hold these meetings on a regular basis at Lydden as it has ample parking and facilities, plus they are like most of us coffee snobs and also believe in using local produce so a good breakfast is on hand every time.

Over the next year we'll have track days, road trips in the UK and Europe lined up and an involvement in car shows as well, its great to have a base for people in the South to travel to, plus we're on the doorstep to Europe as well with Folkestone and Dover only a short drive away for utilising some of those amazing French roads, and further afield as well!

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