BLOG 2020


IH Schools began in 1953, with founders John Haycraft (CBE) and his wife Brita Haycraft who started a school because they believed in international communication and building communities across cultures. The founders pioneered the very first teacher training qualification (in 1962), now known as the CELTA and assessed by the University of Cambridge. IH London still believes in inspiring people to be the best they can be.

The adult school is in the beautiful Covent Garden, central London. Everything London has to offer can be reached from the Schools front door. The modern air conditioned school has nine floors with a large library, café, computer centre, comfortable social spaces, reception, and 53 fully equipped large bright classrooms. They also have Young Learner Centres across the UK which are due to be photographed in the Summer.

The brief was to capture a snapshot of a typical day at the School, including the academic and social side of the students day.