BLOG 2020


Normally when you see a Steeda mustang on track it's either slicing through the bends looking for a lap time or a win, or blasting down the quarter mile as fast as possible. However, Jon Nielsen of Custom Auto Fabrications thought it would be far better to go through the bend sideways with tyres smoking! Steeda Europe agreed that would be pretty cool and set about working with Jon to create the first S550 GT Mustang Drift car. And what a car they made!

A full feature of the car will appear with my photography in Fast Ford soon, so the above is a preview. The car drifting was taken with a 14-24mm wide angle lens, so Jon was pretty close to me whilst pirouetting around me and some fellow journalists. The cars set up has been made possible by MAP in Leeds and other approved Steeda outlets and has certainly set the benchmark for future drift cars to follow.