BLOG 2020


As a guest lecturer at the Engineering and Digital Arts based in the University of Kent I have to come up with practical sessions, having the studio as our base its on hand to run through a mix of studio lighting which covered the basis of this weeks lessons...
Now in the second week of covering the photography workshops at the University of Kent where I am a guest lecturer, following on from last weeks portrait lecture we now started to do some practical sessions in the studio.

We used the twin Bowens 500 watt light set up with a mix of light shaping tools, umbrellas, softboxes and snoots to use with a single and double lighting set up. Also using just a single light and a reflector to bounce the light back on to the side of the subjects face worked just as well as two light, if anything it gives a more softer and natural light.

Next week we will be following up form the studio portrait sessions with a model, i've given the students some homework to come up with some poses that they want to replicate in the studio.