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At the weekend I had two cars to photograph for BMW Car magazine, this was a twin test with a 1989 M6 Coupe and a latest generation M6 Gran Coupe, worlds apart in performance and styling but very much iconic cars that provide subtle looks with straight line performance that embodies the M performance badge...
I had arranged with owner Tahmid to meet at the University of Kent's Drill Hall car park, as i'm a guest lecturer at the University this gained me all round access and its a location i've used in the past, plus it had scope for a nice variety off backdrops for the two cars together. I covered a variety of portrait and landscape images plus some detailed interior and exterior close ups, just to show the difference between the old and new M6 models.

We needed the session with some car to car photography, the classic 635 looked great around the Medway dual carriageways and going through the tunnels, it was important to get some clean images with no other traffic so the early morning start paid dividends, even if it was freezing cold.

It's interesting that these cars span almost thirty years and in that time power has doubled, from 286 bhp t0 567 bhp, thats super car performance in a comfy 4 door saloon. The engine has changed as well, gone ids the characterful 3.5 litre in line 6 and now the 4.4 litre twin turbocharged V8, the start up on the classic sounded lovely, a rasp warble whereas the new 4.4 V8 isn't producing anything vocally until its out in the road and high up in the rev range.

These photos are just a teaser, the full article will be out in a future issue of BMW Car magazine, stay posted for news on its release.

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